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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our little guy and India

Our son Cash was born July 30, 2005 with an un-named chromosomal rearrangement on his X chromosome. He is now 5, and working to learn to walk and communicate. He does not talk, but he uses sign language, and we saw his first real independent steps just a few weeks ago. He's a charming little person - sweet and lovable.

Cash goes to preschool and he takes physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We love Cash as he is, but we want him to have every opportunity to reach his potential.

And to that end, Josh and I have decided to take Cash to India for stem cell treatment this winter!

I got excited about this idea in August after speaking with Amanda Boxtel. Amanda has visited Dr. Geeta Schroff in New Delhi numerous times over the last few years. Since receiving stem cells, Amanda has increased sensation and bladder control. We believe stem cell therapy will help Cash because he has hypotonia (low muscle tone). Because Dr. Schroff’s experience has shown that stem cells have helped improve the condition of paralyzed muscles, we believe that they will help improve Cash’s muscle tone. Though Cash has other issues such as asthma and developmental delays which may benefit from stem cell treatment, we are focused on a reduction of the hypotonia as a reasonable treatment outcome.

Treatment consists of injections of stem cells, along with intense physical therapy, all under the supervision of a doctor who has been practicing this therapy for 10 years without negative side effects. Cash will need to be in India for two months for the initial treatment with additional future treatments planned. The total cost is likely to exceed $100,000. More on that later -

Our goal is to improve Cash’s quality of life. We are not looking for a miracle cure – Cash is who he is – but we would like to make his life better. When Cash’s muscle tone improves, we expect improvements in his ability to walk, potty-train, and perhaps communicate (since core stability is crucial to both sign language and speaking).

Cash is a fabulous person – and he deserves a chance to reach his full potential. India, here we come!


  1. Sending hope to your family!

  2. For sometime now, I have heard about this charming child named Cash. My daughter Brianne works as Aspen Valley Hospital and has the pleasure of seeing Cash when he visits the cafeteria. Brianne too was born with disabilities, but they are not nearly as severe as the challenges Cash faces. We are hoping and praying for good results from your visit to India!