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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eventful week

So let's see. This week Cash had an IEP meeting, Mom had a birthday, I took the IBHRE certification test, and tomorrow we move.

The IEP went well. Cash's team at his new school seems very smart and kind. Many things are different from what we were used to both in Aspen and in Greenville, but I think mostly in good ways. His teacher is energetic and firm and realistic. She won me over when she told me that she had asked Cash a relatively complicated question and after he answered correctly, she told him he wouldn't be getting away with playing dumb with her. I told them I think Cash knows so much more than he shares, and they agreed that the challenge is getting it out of him.

We celebrated Mom's bday with Indian food. Alot has changed in a year! A year ago we were driving to Greenville...

My certification test today was brutal. Five loooooong hours of computer-based testing, and yet I really needed another hour if I was going to do well. I have given myself permission not to pass the test this year, so no matter what, it was good experience. But boy, it really is a crazy hard exam. It was exhausting.

And tomorrow we move from our little hotel room (we have been here 6 weeks!) to our new apartment. It is just down the road and up the hill. I think we will be spending most of Labor Day weekend unpacking and doing furniture shopping - which should be amusing.

The little guy with the fuzzy head is doing well. I like him and he seems to like me.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Without going into any details, I will simply say that I am consulting with a family practice attorney next week. The situation with Cash's dad needs addressing.

It makes me sad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby back ribs

Today was Cash's third day at his new school. We are still living in a motel until our new apartment lease starts in a week (which is an adventure unto itself). The bus picks Cash up right at the entrance of the motel. On the first day, Cash seemed surprised to see a different bus driver and a new teacher - it is funny, Cash doesn't really react strongly to situations like that, but in this case he was hurrying towards the bus, and then stopped when he saw the driver. It's not like his expression changed per se, more that he suddenly got quiet.Then I met him at school to introduce him to his teacher, and it was the same sort of thing - he was just very quiet and watchful. His class is K-4, with 8 kids, 7 of whom are boys. His teacher is strict, I think, but warm and communicative. That should work well for Cash. She wrote in yesterday's daily report that he has already acquired the nickname "The Bottomless Pit" - that kid can eat. And yet he is a tiny little thing - wearing size 5 though he just turned 7. We will check in with an endocrinologist in a few months.

My trip to Aspen to pick up Cash went well, except for puking on the plane ride like a freaking six-year old (I hate motion sickness). Aspen was its usual beautiful self, green and mountain-y. I had been wanting to hike for the whole last year, but my tummy problems continued for the whole weekend and I barely made it up one hill. It was later pointed out to me that my stomach pains may have been due to nerves, and in fact, the transfer between Cash's father and me was rough. But I have that little kid back in my clutches, and that is all that matters.

Loved seeing my friends in Aspen - I miss them all so much. And they were very kind to give me time while I was there and to not make too much fun of me for not being able to hike. I had a nice little revelation while I was there: I am actually HAPPY. For the moment, anyway. I feel like I should say it and enjoy it, because I am old enough to know that more challenges will come - maybe even later today. But for the moment, with my new job and my new town and my kid back where he belongs, I am content.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quiet times

Not much happening here - Cash is still with his dad in Colorado, and I am doing HR-type things like mad for work. All day, every day doing modules on the computer. But I love it. I am so proud to work for my company and to be doing what I am passionate about.

I am off to Aspen this weekend to pick Cash up.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School 2012

I had a pre-IEP meeting with Cash's school today. Everyone was very nice! It makes me hopeful that we will have a good experience with the school system here. He will be in a contained Special Ed classroom - which I find difficult, but I know it is right. I truly feel that the move towards inclusion and the least restrictive environment is beneficial both for the "special needs" kids and the "normal" kids, and I wish Cash could be in a regular classroom. But I do know that it wouldn't really work well for him - he needs more attention and a regular, structured class would be boring for him. He is more likely to learn in a classroom where the whole thing is tailored to his level. So we have to do the Special Ed thing. On the up side, his teacher - Ms. Finney - has alot of experience and seems very kind and involved. His classroom is full of interesting things, like a swing and a "steamroller" (some kind of deep pressure stimulation device!). I am really feeling hopeful that this will be an environment where he can thrive.

I am LOVING Nashville, BTW. More every day!

Monday, August 6, 2012


I skyped with Cash on Friday. It was great, but it is somewhat frustrating to skype with him. He doesn't talk of course, and he likes to push the computer buttons which sometimes disconnects the call. Plus his dad's computer doesn't have a microphone so Cash has to wear headphones, which he generally won't do. So that means we mostly just look at each other - well, actually I talk the whole time, cause that's who I am and cause he MIGHT hear me - but that is NOT the same as a good cuddle.

I am using my time to myself to study and work out, and then work out and study some more. I also sleep in, b/c there is no small boy to wake me up.

Friday, August 3, 2012


My first day of work was wonderful and I am loving my new job. I have spent most of the week studying in preparation for a certification exam at the end of the month. It is so nice to be employed.

I miss the little guy who usually runs around my house making trouble.

...I just wrote a long post about the current situation with co-parenting and then I deleted it. Growl. Self-editing.

Ooh, Cash is available to Skype with :-)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New beginning

Today is the first day of my new job. I have been hired as an Associate Clinical Specialist at Medtronic - essentially I will be representing the company at cardiac device implants and follow-up checks. Training is expected to last months, if not a year, but eventually I will assist in implanting pacemakers and ICDs in the cath lab as well as checking patients with devices in their doctors' offices. I am super happy and excited and nervous.

Plus I am loving Nashville. We are actually living about 20 minutes south of Nashville in the town of Franklin. It is utterly charming and convenient, with a quaint downtown, lots of good food (the famous meat + 3!), and lots of easy shopping. It has been hot, but I am still enjoying that after over 10 years of snow.

Speaking of, Cash left yesterday with his dad for two weeks in Aspen. I am sure they will both have a wonderful time, but I miss him already.