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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School 2012

I had a pre-IEP meeting with Cash's school today. Everyone was very nice! It makes me hopeful that we will have a good experience with the school system here. He will be in a contained Special Ed classroom - which I find difficult, but I know it is right. I truly feel that the move towards inclusion and the least restrictive environment is beneficial both for the "special needs" kids and the "normal" kids, and I wish Cash could be in a regular classroom. But I do know that it wouldn't really work well for him - he needs more attention and a regular, structured class would be boring for him. He is more likely to learn in a classroom where the whole thing is tailored to his level. So we have to do the Special Ed thing. On the up side, his teacher - Ms. Finney - has alot of experience and seems very kind and involved. His classroom is full of interesting things, like a swing and a "steamroller" (some kind of deep pressure stimulation device!). I am really feeling hopeful that this will be an environment where he can thrive.

I am LOVING Nashville, BTW. More every day!

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