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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eventful week

So let's see. This week Cash had an IEP meeting, Mom had a birthday, I took the IBHRE certification test, and tomorrow we move.

The IEP went well. Cash's team at his new school seems very smart and kind. Many things are different from what we were used to both in Aspen and in Greenville, but I think mostly in good ways. His teacher is energetic and firm and realistic. She won me over when she told me that she had asked Cash a relatively complicated question and after he answered correctly, she told him he wouldn't be getting away with playing dumb with her. I told them I think Cash knows so much more than he shares, and they agreed that the challenge is getting it out of him.

We celebrated Mom's bday with Indian food. Alot has changed in a year! A year ago we were driving to Greenville...

My certification test today was brutal. Five loooooong hours of computer-based testing, and yet I really needed another hour if I was going to do well. I have given myself permission not to pass the test this year, so no matter what, it was good experience. But boy, it really is a crazy hard exam. It was exhausting.

And tomorrow we move from our little hotel room (we have been here 6 weeks!) to our new apartment. It is just down the road and up the hill. I think we will be spending most of Labor Day weekend unpacking and doing furniture shopping - which should be amusing.

The little guy with the fuzzy head is doing well. I like him and he seems to like me.

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