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Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving right along

Update on the potty training - yesterday, for Super Bowl Sunday, we decided to let Cash go pantless for a while so we could better track when he starts to pee. We took off his diaper at 10am. We took him to the toilet multiple times over the course of the rest of the day. He did NOT GO. He just held it. And held it. And held it. Clearly this is fun for him. But we are determined to outlast him.

Meanwhile, he is doing a couple of other new things: better self-feeding, opening doors by turning the knobs, and signing "Gramma" and "Aunt Dianne". "Gramma" is a tug on the ear, and "Aunt Dianne" is a D, which looks like the number one.

We went out for thai food for dinner tonight. Cash and I split pad thai - I ordered a 7 on the spicy scale, then got worried it would be too hot for him. Nope. He loved it. Ate a freakish amount. At one point, when I offered him chicken instead of the noodles, he whined and cried until I understood he wanted the noodles. He is a funny little kid.  

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