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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet but stubborn

Cash has made potty training into a battle of wills, and believe me, he has a will of steel. I have decided to retreat from the battle, but not to concede. We are going to stop trying to potty train for a week, and then come back all guns blazing.

Similarly, I am pondering how to discipline Cash. He is old enough to need to be stopped from doing things sometimes. So far, we have mostly just removed him from situations when he was acting inappropriately. He knows the word no, but he really mostly ignores it. In fact, he seems to think it is funny to do things that he knows he is not allowed to do. Speaking firmly to him has little effect, withdrawing approval has none, and I just can't see using any kind of physical punishment (he has a high pain threshold and I think it would be confusing to him). And I don't think timeouts would a) make any sense to him, and b) be upsetting even if he did understand them. So. I am getting ready to do some research on discipline methods for special needs kids. I have to figure out SOME way to modify his inappropriate behavior when necessary.

Cash got new braces from Shriner's today. It will take awhile til he is comfortable in them.

Looking at last week's posts, all I write about any more is potty training. Sheesh. How boring.

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