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Monday, January 16, 2012

More fun to go on the floor

Well, it was a frustrating weekend of potty training. Some successes, some failures. Cash went in the potty properly on Friday - probably thanks to Aunt Dianne being very persistent in keeping him there until he went. Then over the weekend, I got him to pee in the potty a few times, and sign potty as he peed a couple other times, and other times he missed. And now, what I'm seeing is that he is intentionally waiting to go. Like we'll be on the potty, nothing happens, we stand up and move on, and then 5-10 minutes later, there is pee on the floor. This morning, we woke up and I immediately put him on the toilet - he went, and we celebrated (an M&M, singing, flushing, woo-hoo). While I was cleaning up, he went again - more celebration (more woo more hoo). So then he got down and went on to play. Not 5 minutes later - NOT FIVE MINUTES - he was sitting in a puddle. My feeling is that he is totally able to hold it. Anyone who can stop and start like that has some control. So now we have to work on making him want to go appropriately.

Lots of detail about potty training, but voila my life. Potty training and job interviews (3 this week, 2 next week).

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