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Friday, March 23, 2012

Good news and more good news

All kinds of good things to report about Cash:

Yesterday for my birthday, he walked up four stairs alone, using the banister. Laters, he did a new sign ("doctor"), and then he sucked through a straw for the first time at dinner. The straw thing is pretty big - we have been working on that for awhile. All good birthday presents for me!

Also, per Cash's local endocrinologist, he doesn't need growth hormone injections right now - he seems to be making his own. He is still really small (bone age =3 1/2), but if he has enough hormone circulating, then it is up to his body to use it. I wonder - did the stem cells help spur his pituitary gland to kick in?

Also, Cash is now vocalizing on command. Yay to Angela, his speech therapist! If you say "Cash, let me hear your voice", Cash says "mmmm". It is very cute. Also it is the first time he has ever made sounds when asked.

On the downside, Cash still has a cold. It's been a week. But he seems to have started breathing out of his mouth when sleeping when his nose is blocked, thank goodness. I've spent years sleeping next to him while he snarfled and snuffled and tossed and turned all night trying to clear his nose. It is a relief to hear him sleep relatively quietly even with a cold.

I had a nice bday - massage at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville and lots and lots of Hunger Games.

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