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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've been lousy about writing recently. I think it's because we're mostly doing fine. School is almost over and I'm occupied with shadowing and interviewing. I wish I had a job already, but I haven't really wanted any of the jobs that have come along so far. There are a couple on the horizon that I am hopeful about...but I refuse to get my heart set before knowing more about them. The job market is tough - most of my class is still looking for employment.

And Cash is doing well. He was a little whiny last week and a little clingy this week, but I think that's just settling in to being back home. His walking is somewhat weaker than before break, but it seems to be improving. His PT and ST say he was really on at therapy this week - doing all kinds of small new things. Katie at PT credited his busy little stem cells.

Our housing situation is making me somewhat sad. Three adult women relatives in the same house - maybe it is just hard. I love living with Mom and AD, but we all have different styles and it seems to be wearing on us, especially in this small space. I love them both so much, and so does Cash. They do a ton for us and we enjoy spending time with them. But I know it is hard for them to not have their own homes and space. I'm not sure what will happen after I get a job. In the meantime, Cash and I are lucky to have them.

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