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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near

He's home - cute as ever and twice as naughty. We picked him up at 10:30 this morning after he and Katie had flown all night from Denver. She said he was excellent on the flights both on the way there and coming back. I said, of course, he is an experienced flyer. He seems to have had a good time with his dad in Aspen. I called almost every day and they seemed to be having fun. I know he got to see Gran and Pop and his cousins for Easter. I think he also saw our friends Susann and Sheryl during the visit.

He came home a little feisty - we went out to lunch and as soon as we sat down he signed bird and phone in a very demanding fashion. I knew he meant he wanted to play Angry Birds while he waited for his food - I explained that Mommy does not have an unlimited data plan the way Daddy apparently does (because Cash actually doesn't want to PLAY Angry Birds, he wants to follow the links to the videos). And then he threw a minor temper tantrum because he wanted the muffin that came with my meal instead of his own very tasty chicken fingers and fries. The tantrum did not stop until the muffin was removed from the table - at that point, he stuffed a french fry in his mouth while the sobs petered out.

Now he is listening to music on his iPad. I just stopped writing to smother and smoosh him with kisses. He is warm and fuzzy and soft and solid and a little bit mad at me.

BTW. I had a lovely week off myself. Lots of reading and adventuring.

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