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Monday, March 14, 2011


I have a new theory that when you open yourself up to the possibility of change, change comes at you. Most of the time it seems we make very few decisions - what to wear, what to eat, etc - and occasionally we make larger decisions - what kind of new car to buy - but even those have relatively little impact on the direction of our lives. But then sometimes something BIG happens and once you accept that initial change, then other possibilities seem to open up too. I don't know if Josh and I would have taken Cash to India if the idea had been suggested a year before - it might have just seemed too big. But Josh and I were already primed for change, and when I heard Amanda talk about stem cells last August, I just knew. I went home and cried because I knew we had to make it happen, no matter the expense, no matter the trouble.

It was so so so worth it. I look at that kid every day and see changes. He is just so much more present, so much more THERE. This morning he tried to sign "like", as in "I like the radio". It is exciting to be part of his life, it is exciting to be part of so much change!

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