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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You can leave your (pat head) on

The Boo is really doing well. Last night, we were hanging out with Maria and Gianina (my roommates from Chile) and Cash was engaged and playful. He did every sign I asked him to, plus he signed "hat" for the first time (pat the top of your head). Add that to "cookie", "radio", and "C" as new signs he has added recently.

I think it's amusing (and frustrating) that Cash has synonyms - like "pair" and "pear" in speech. For instance, Cash pats his chest to signify dog, horse, and drum. Those words are not synonyms in real American Sign Language, but they are for Cash, for complicated reasons. "Dog" really is patting your thigh (like you are calling a dog), so that's pretty close. However, "horse" is ears on your head, but Cash was taught at his horseback riding lessons to pat the horse to say go, so he generalized that to patting his chest to mean "horse". And then later, when I showed him the sign for drum (like you are using drumsticks), he defiantly patted his chest like he would pat a drum (since he doesn't use the sticks). Thus we have 3 different meanings for a chest pat. It's all about context.

Note to self: work is CRAZY.

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