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Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling better

Cash is finally feeling a little better. On Saturday, halfway through his latest course of antibiotics for the sinus infection, he knocked over the bottle of augmentin, so we had to get a replacement bottle at Carl's this morning. But overall he's acting perkier, sleeping better, and starting to be mischevious again. Yesterday he discovered how to open the refrigerator and that's all he wants to do now - he pulls so hard that he lands on his butt and the door goes flying backward to slam into the counter. He wants to do this over and over again. When I stop him and try to interest him in something else, like a nice frog or kitty piano, he whines. I'm afraid that soon I will have to figure out some (very kind, very gentle) method of discipline. Saying no to him only amuses him - he knows what it means, but he thinks it is funny to keep doing what he wants. In India, Dr. Geeta told us not to "curb" him - he is a indulged little kid, I have to say - and I'm fine with that. The refrigerator door may disagree though.

Cash's preschool class was practicing for graduation this morning. They were learning how to work their tassles.

Gramma has become Cash's after-school sitter these days. They garden together and they cook. Cash and Gramma share a love of the song "Come Little Rabbit" and a dislike of combing their hair.

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