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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Howdy there, cowboy

I don't think that link that I posted came through very well yesterday. There was a lovely article in the Aspen Times about Cash and his trip:

I have gotten used to seeing Cash walk over the last month, but I think I need to take a moment to note how much better the walking has gotten. He walks sort of like a cowboy just down from a horse - wide-legged, at a fast amble. But he's much more steady than he was a month ago, he can turn, and he can stop and start again. He walks pretty well even without his braces on. He spends a lot of time just walking between his favorite spots in the house - from the fridge to the kitty piano, to the bedroom, to his toybox, back to the kitchen. He is also working on stooping to pick things up.

Cash has a little cold. I feel like I write that all the time, but that is the reality of our lives. I love it when he is healthy for any stretch of time. During his first year of school, he was sick every 10-14 days, seriously - I documented it. We even dragged his oxygen tank to school a couple times. The next year it got better but it was still every 2-3 weeks. The big thing I notice now is that EVERY cold does not turn into pneumonia. It still sucks when he is all snotty and congested, but at least now he usually fights it off eventually

This morning like most mornings he hopped into my room at 6am and snuggled his warm soft body and cold feet up against me.

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