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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fixing broken hearts

Big happy news: I've been accepted into pacemaker school in Greenville, SC! The program starts in September and so Cash, Gramma, AD, and I will be moving in late August. I am very very excited and also scared - the coursework is going to be intense. I've lived in Aspen for over 15 years - it is home, and this is a big change. But I am ready for the next stage of my life, and I really want to install pacemakers! I feel a passion about it that I've never felt for any other work. My friend Lisa said that it seems I want to fix broken hearts - she is right!

Leaving Aspen will be brutal - we have a whole community here who we love and who supports us. For Cash, there's a team of teachers and therapists here whom I treasure. But they assure us that Cash will thrive in a community where there are more kids like him and the therapists have more experience with kids like him. Plus it's a lower altitude, which may help Cash's asthma.

So our time of change continues: divorce, India, now Greenville and pacemaker school. It is overwhelming, but it is also an exciting time and so full of hope.

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