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Monday, July 9, 2012


Today Josh bought me out of our Aspen house. I've kept my name on the mortgage for the last year until he could refinance and now it is done. I know it is for the best, and I am glad he kept the house, but it made me sad.

Cash is enjoying our time in Orlando. He and Aunt Dianne swim almost every day, and he goofs off a bit with Beezus and the cats. He dislikes the heat, but he is breathing well and he runs around Heather and Gib's house like he owns it. There is one small step leading from the dining room to the Florida room and Cash always pauses near it and asks for help rather than tumbling down it like he might have done a year ago.

Cash has a new word! He busted out "garden" the other day out of the blue. We were trying teach him "alligator" and somehow we said the word garden and poof, there it was. He is a delightful little mystery, listening all the time and then whipping out new words when we least expect it.

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