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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving forwards by moving backwards

Kiddo walked backwards today! I was at the computer and I looked up to see Cash giving me an impish smile as he moved his feet in itty-bitty backwards steps. It was adorable. And he was so pleased with himself.

Really, as I look back on it, he has been hot recently. A bunch of new signs - balloon, garden, butterfly, doctor (as of yesterday) - more spontaneous commenting on his surroudings, and greatly improved walking. Not only solid walking without braces, but enough control to go in reverse. Plus, he is using his iPad to work on colors, letters, and numbers. It is hard to tell exactly what he knows, because he isn't always motivated to give the "right" answer, but it looks like he is taking it all in. The "Meet the Colors" app is my favorite - the colors are all associated with cute little dancing powder puffs.

Just now, we turned his iPad on and he spontaneously signed "apple" when he saw the Apple insignia.

I still think the stem cells are making a difference.

I am feeding him M&M's as I type. He keeps walking away and then coming back but stopping halfway to take a few deliberate steps backwards before proceeding. It looks like dancing and it is hilariously cute.

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