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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Cash was naughty top to bottom today. Right now he is hopping around on the bed beside me wide awake at 10:30pm. And this day started when he woke me at 7:00am. In between he threw about 5 temper tantrums, whined for long stretches of time, complained about walking, complained about riding in the car, slid down in his seat repeatedly during lunch, sat down in the middle of the grocery store parking lot, chewed on his glasses, refused to hold anyone's hand while walking, rode the elevator by himself, tried to use the computer at the school office, arched his back and threw a fit at being strapped into his carseat, etc etc. It was quite a demonstration of willfulness and discontent with the reigning authority (meaning me). After his complacent babyhood, I still enjoy it when Cash asserts himself, but I will admit today was long and it makes me sad when he gets frustrated.

We have had three busy busy days. We have now signed an apartment lease, found somewhere to live until the lease kicks in, registered the car, mostly registered Cash for school, made an appointment with a pediatrician to get Cash a physical, visited the Department of Health to verify Cash's vaccinations, started the Medicaid process, and checked in at the bank. Lots of stuff to do, but we are making progress. We are helped in our tasks by our diligent investigation of the local frozen yogurt places - though Cash doesn't show alot of enthusiasm for ice cream, which I find amazing. Who doesn't like ice cream?! Today I got him a cup of fruit instead - and he PREFERRED it. Weird little kid.

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