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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Throw one back for me

We are definitely on vacation - very busy having fun. Yesterday the whole gang of us went to Gatorland where we ogled reptiles and ate sugar for hours. It was delightful. Cash did well for the most part, though he dislikes being hot. He walked a bit, then he sat in a rented stroller and accepted food bribes. Eventually he asked for his iPad. Really, if you asked him, he would always prefer to stay home and play with his toys - I'm not sure how I got such an indoors-y kid! I guess it comes from his difficulties with walking, but it takes an effort of will and patience to do an outdoors activity. He actually walks very well these days, but he likes to go where HE wants to go, and absolutely hates being told where to go. He likes to wander and visit and dawdle, and he hates going from Point A to Point B. It is challenging. But I forge on with the hope that some day he will appreciate an outing.

Today we went for a drive and ate at a German restaurant in Sanford. Cash gobbled up sausage and knocked down some German beer. Literally, he KNOCKED down a whole row of bottled beer in a refrigerated case. Luckily none of it broke. The salesperson apologized to us instead of the other way around and gave Cash a cookie for his trouble.

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