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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cash chooses a new mommy

Cash really walks now, fyi. He still falls and walks a little crazy, but he doesn't like to have his hand held and he can navigate well.

So Mom and I took him "hiking" this weekend. We drove up the Grottos, and Cash walked along one of the paths just fine (granted, it was short and flat). We had a little picnic by the river and then we started up the short walk towards the ice caves and waterfall. Cash, who would not hold my hand, took a little tumble on some gravel. Note that this was NOT a serious fall - no blood, no scratches even - just a misstep. But a lady and her daughter were coming towards us and made a big fuss over him. "Oh the poor baby, is he okay? Oh he's hurt, oh that must have hurt. Are you okay, darling?" The big surprise here was not that Cash fell (again, he was fine), but that he responded to her happily. She hugged him, and he let her. REPEATEDLY. He put his arms around her and his head on her shoulder. I've really never seen him do anything like it with a stranger. When we left (after more cooing by her), he turned around to look after her. I was carrying him of course by that point since he had made such a show of being a poor little baby.

Needless to say, we didn't really get to go up the ice caves - I carried his 40-pound self for awhile before giving up.

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