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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An email from Gramma

Gramma sent this email out recently:
People ask us if Cash has shown improvement since the stem cell trip.  This week is 5 months since he got back from India.
1.  He is walking most of the time.  And usually wants to do it himself.  If you ask if he wants help, he nods his head with a definite "NO!".
2.  At the Wild West show the first day he was introduced as "Cash Burnaman".  The second day he was introduced as "Cash Burnaman riding Skippy".
3.  His Speech Therapist said that he is showing wonderful signs of talking.  Bubbles, B noises,tongue action,vocalizing
4.  He hugs.  Leaning in, arms, cuddles, and smiles.
5.  If you are someone he knows he likes he will smile, make a happy noise, and give you a high five.
6. He signs hello and good bye.
7.  "Hey Jude" has replaced "So You had a Bad Day" as a musical favorite.
8. He is a pain in the neck at a restaurant.
9. He gave his WindWalker Horse Gunnar a spontaneous hug at the end of his ride.
10.He knows and will get a specific toy or book.
11. If you say, "Look at the ------.  He does.
12.  When he was refusing to walk and I was letting him sit on the sidewalk and decide he was approached by 2 of those huge magpies.  He looked at me and signed "Bird" very emphatically.
13. He knows that the same word can mean different things.  Fish means the real fish, the fish sculpture, and fish in books.
14. His teacher said he is intelligent.
15. When I forgot his lunchbox at school he went to get it.
16. His new glasses give him an Elvis Costello vibe.
17. I pulled into Wendy's to get him a french fry snack and he clapped.
18. When he's tired he signs "sleepy".
19.  When he is doing something mischevious he smiles when caught and speeds up.
20. He understands conversation.  And if directed at him he will do things in the order you tell him.  As in,  If you eat the tomato you can have a chip.  He doesn't always agree but he understands.  He will go to the garden to get a strawberry or play with Winnie the Pooh or water or put rocks back in the garden.
21.He can stoop and pick things up off the ground. 
22. People who have known him for years (and he is a local celebrity) say "It's a miracle" in English and in Spanish." and it is.

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