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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh football

Had a meeting with Cash's teacher on Friday. It was difficult. In Aspen, they spent more time focusing on Cash's strengths. Maybe they were coddling me, but I liked it. I know Cash is different, that he is not like other kids. Telling me all the ways he is not measuring up makes me sad and defensive. I don't think they mean it that way, I think they just want him to accomplish his goals, which of course I want too. But since he is my normal, I don't really want to hear about what is normal for other kids. We just aren't going to have that and while we should push Cash, I also think we should celebrate every new thing he does.

In that vein, Cash is learning the sign for "O" and for "football".


  1. I think some of the difference might be between a very small school system and a larger one. In Aspen, it was easier to think of Cash as being in his own category. At the same time, that sounds like a much less encouraging itneraction with his teachers. Maybe they are less progressive. I hope you'll be able to share with them about what you learned form the different approaches at the end of the year, and hopefully help someone else. Love you guys!

  2. I think they mean well and I actually think Cash is doing well under their care. It was just a more...fraught interaction. And I really think you are probably right - in Aspen it was easy to think of Cash as being in his own category. Here he has the advantage and the disadvantage of having lots of company as a special needs kid. Though of course I think he is extra special!