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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blood and guts

We are packed and ready to depart first thing tomorrow morning. Everyone agrees Cash is looking good and seems to have made progress. He is sitting here beside me right now, and boy does he look cute. He is bouncing around in an excited manner. And now he is leaning on me and playing Cee Lo on his iPad.

Cash had a bloody nose all day today. We think he poked at it. (It is one of his new things this fall - sticking his finger up his nose. Also his hand down his pants. Both are things that we have to knock out of his repetoire.) Anyhoo, his nose bled off and on all day and often he looked like he had some sort of gruesome hemorrhagic fever. Let's hope it clears up before we board an airplane and cause an international communcative disease scare.

I went over Cash's brain spect scan with Dr. G today. She says it looks good and we need to focus on teaching him because he is ready to learn.

As always, it is hard to leave our friends at the hospital, both staff and patients. The patients this time were particularly remarkable - Lucas and his family, Colleen, Mary, Amanda, Mrs. Gandhi and Sheel, Santush and his son, Vunch and his parents, Ryan and his parents, and Moodie and her family from Kuwait. Moodie's granddaughter Jenan was a great friend to Cash. All these people are amazing in their strength and their efforts to improve their situations - they have added immeasurably to our lives and we hope for the best for them. It takes courage to do this stem cell thing and to let yourself believe a change can happen - I hope it does for each of them.

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