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Monday, December 26, 2011

Plant a Tree This Monsoon

"Plant a Tree This Monsoon" is a slogan around New Delhi right now. We are not in monsoon season, but I like it. I like it because it feels like we have been planting a few seeds ourselves lately and are waiting to see how they grow.

First of all, of course, is Cash. He is looking great - very responsive, engaged - but we will see how these stem cell seeds grow once we are home. I have seen some encouraging signs, including some interest in saying "potty", good walking, better interaction with people (lots of shaking hands and saying hi and goodbye), more temper tantrums, and better manipulation of his iPad. I love his little squishable self and am proud of all the work he is doing. He is a constant surprise, a constant journey.

And secondly, we have had the big change in my career. I'm halfway through pacer school and already interviewing for jobs. It's an incredible change and I feel enormously excited about it - excited about both working with pacemakers and the change in location that will come with getting a job. Today I traveled by taxi halfway across the city to a government hospital (free for anyone, thus long queues and hordes of people) to view some pacemaker procedures. I didn't get to see any pacers, but I did get to see ----- open heart surgery!! It was amazing, amazing, amazing. I saw 2 mitral valve replacements and one Fontaine procedure. I got to see a chest opened and a heart stopped, catherization, a stent implanted, and defibrillation to get a heart started again. I learned a ton, and I feel very intrepid :-)

So. go ahead - be bold - plant a tree this monsoon. Who knows how it might bloom -

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