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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Listening in

A few minutes ago Cash wanted a chip. I said to him, "Let's go wash your hands first" and he walked over to the bathroom and got ready to wash his hands. This is not exactly new - he has been listening and following directions more and more lately, but it was a very strong example of the behavior.

It was so quick in fact that I thought to myself that I had better start watching some of my words because Cash is clearly listening alot. It also reminded me of a story that I have told before but bears repeating. When Cash was maybe 3 or 4, Josh and I were talking and I swore. Josh said "Do you want Cash to use that word?" and I replied "If we are ever lucky enough that Cash says 'fuck' or any word at all, I will throw a fucking party."

Also we bought some papier mache cows today and Cash made an attempt to sign "cow" (looked alot like horse, but frankly the signs are similar). AND he tried to sign "doctor" for the first time this evening. Go stem cells go!

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