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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Everyday miracles

Just like I planned, I did not watch the CNN program. But I have gotten lots and lots of nice feedback from friends and strangers who have been very kind and encouraging. Apparently, Cash was cute and my love for him came through.

I did the show because I wanted to explain why we decided to go to India for stem cells and what I think Cash got out of it (essentially a faster rate of progress, including walking and improved engagement and communication). CNN called the show "Selling a Miracle" - I would like to note that "miracle" was never a word we used - we weren't looking for a miracle, we were looking for a little improvement. And we got it.

I continue to feel that Cash takes me places I never expected to go, both physically and emotionally. This CNN thing has been a wild, thought-provoking ride - but really, Cash's whole life has been a wild, thought-provoking ride. I have felt the deepest love, and I have felt the deepest sadness and despair. I have seen the best in people - their best generosity and kindness and faith. I have endured insurance companies and bureaucracy and many, many sleepness nights. I have found that I am a stronger and more interesting person than I ever thought I was - I am capable of endless love, not just for Cash, but for everyone, and I am capable of making the hard decision. He is making me into the person I want to be, and it is a bumpy road, a roller coaster even. Hospitals, IEPs, India, CNN, growth hormone, divorce, 7 years of dirty diapers, fundraisers, first steps, learning sign language - through it all, I try to put my hands in air and say "Woo!"

On the other hand, that is not to say that some days I do not put my head in my hands and say "Boo."


  1. Hello i came across your sons story on CNN and was touched and moved by the struggle that both you and your child are going through. I can imagine the pain that your precious son in going through. I admire you and your husband for fighting this battle to care for your son. I know the chances are slim but if you have faith in God and believe, maybe spiritual healing might be something to consider, after all you want experiment and try all that is possible to heal your son. I've heard story's about people being healed spiritually. Even though it might sound skeptical, don't be afraid to consider it. I will pray for your son and hope he beats the odds.