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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Latest on his progress

Cash is doing great, CNN excitement aside. I've been working on colors and numbers with him and he is showing interest. He will do the signs for red, blue, yellow, and green if he is in the mood, but they are not well articulated. And then last week he tried to imitate me counting on my fingers. He really is trying, but it is harder to do than you might imagine. Think about it: to say "one", you have to use your thumb to hold down three fingers, then to say "two" you have to move your thumb over just a bit and lift a single finger away from the others. It is small movements like that which can be challenging for Cash. But he is definitely trying.

Right now he is goofing off on his iPad, watching PBS Kids. I added an app for potty-training that he seems to like - it is especially designed for autistic kids and shows a Cash-like avatar using the potty. Cash likes to watch it. In fact, there has been some progress on the potty-training front -
he is pretty consistently going first thing in the morning. He will even hold it a bit if I am late getting him there. And he has discovered how to flush. The poor potty is subject to alot of flushing.

Otherwise, things here are a little crazy. Aunt Dianne is home, back from visiting Heather in Florida, and getting ready to move to Orlando. I am considering my next steps in the job search process, which involves a lot of careful thought and research, AND hopefully an imminent move. Mom is preparing herself for that upcoming move. And Cash motors along, happily himself and working on his own little things.


  1. Hi Stephanie, I truly sympathize with your special challenges and wish you all the best. Unfortuntely, it was disappointing that CNN failed to differentiate between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. While I agree that embryonic stem cells involve moral and ethical controversy, and have major issues with turning into cancer cells and tissue rejection (hence the reason the FDA has only one approved study currently in progress), adult stem cells have none of these issues and there have been many successful studies on them, with more going on every day. I would counsel you to look at this research. There are also natural ways to support your son's own adult stem cells, which have shown much promise with zero risk. Letting nurses in India inject anything (let alone supposed embryonic stem cells) into your son's spine on the other hand, is very risky. Best of luck to you.

  2. Stephanie/Josh..!!
    All my best wishes for Cash!!
    I am from Dallas right now....watched you guys on CNN.
    Not sure how can I help ..but if there is something I can do ..Please tell me. I am

    1. Thank you!! You know we LOVE Delhi!! We miss it all the time - the kind people, the sights, the crazy traffic, the awesome food :-)

  3. Ignore those who tell you your efforts to seek treatment for you son is just some irrational
    "denial" on your part. You are a courageous mother seeking a cure for your child. Big Pharma is the first entity to gently suggest you are "in denial" as they have no cure that will return a reasonable profit to their shareholders...... A cure is in you future -keep

  4. I do not know if stem cells works..I do not know if the clinic is cheat...but...

    I am PROUD of you!!
    Please don ever give up on "Cash" even if he does not improve!!!