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Friday, December 24, 2010


Cash had PT this morning - physio, they call it. Krista and Lisa: you'll be pleased to know that they seem competent and kind. They don't have all your equipment, but they seem to know their stuff. Cash is still hiding all that he can do from Donish, but that will change. You know he can be sneaky :-)

So last night, as we are going to bed, we get a call from Dr. Shazhada who says that Cash's chest xray shows that he has pneumonia. Everyone freaks out. We knew Cash was sick - he had slept ALL day - but Josh and I were calmer than the staff (since we've seen this a million times), but we were dismayed. Especially because they told us we might have to wait a week to start the stem cells. Dr. Shazhada started Cash on intravenous antibiotics at 10pm last night - by this morning, he was already much better. Typical Cash. He's still a little tired, and he looks ridiculous because he is wearing a T-shirt of Josh's which keeps falling off one shoulder in a very 1980's Flashdance kind of way, but his appetite is back and he is starting to cause trouble. And in other good news, Dr. Shroff says that we might be able to start the stem cells in a day or two after all.

A word about Dr. Geeta Shroff - she has been lovely to us and she is a very get-it-done person. But she is determined that Cash is not wearing enough clothes! Both Josh and I have been fussed at for Cash having bare feet. She told us we should all be wearing long sleeves and Cash should be wearing two layers. Nevermind that Josh and I are sweating! But believe me, you won't see Cash without socks at any time from now on.

From Cash's feet to his head: his brain scan apparently showed some "serious deficiencies". Dr. Shroff acted like that may be an interesting challenge. We do keep meeting other patients who report having made progress: a little girl from Australia who has regained eyesight, an autistic boy of about 10 who has started to talk a little, a little boy with cerebral palsy who is walking better. There are also a couple adults here with Lyme's. It makes us feel very hopeful and very eager to get started!

And btw, we still don't have Cash's luggage. Hence him wearing Josh's T-shirt.

Wow, it's almost Christmas. I'm not missing a thing - I'm still so glad to be here.

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