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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're here

After nearly 24 hours on planes, and an additional 24 hours in airports, we are now in India. It is sunny and warm and stem cells are RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS.

We were supposed to travel through Heathrow, but it was closed (Who has ever heard of Heathrow closing? Sheesh.). We ended up buying one way tickets through China - we flew China Southern Airlines out of LA, to Guangzhou (Canton), to Delhi. We were just about the only non-Asians on the plane, but I had the best tofu ever, and we watched the Twilight movie three times. The flight was FIFTEEN HOURS long.

We were in Guangzhou for 10 hours, and it was interesting, though not particularly cultural. Josh noted that it pretty much looked like LA, but so did Delhi's airport. The most notable thing in Guangzhou was that Cash had a blowout diaper and we ended up buying him a full-out little silk Chinese outfit, complete with a dragon and frogging. He looked very amusing.

Also, Josh bought wasabi peanuts in China that we are now all addicted to. Even Cash, though they are HOT.

We arrived in Delhi at 9:30pm after a six hour flight from China. Three of our four bags made it here - only Cash's did not. The clinic is small and makes you a little nervous at first - it is not like American doctors' offices. Our room is little, with the shower over the toilet, but it has HBO. Cash and Josh shared the hospital bed last night while I slept on a comfortable pallet.

We've met a fellow patient who is a quadriplegic who after 3 treatments now has greater movement in his arms. That was very reassuring to hear!

Cash has already met with his physical therapist (Donish) and is scheduled for his first test dose of stem cells later today. Also more tests today and tomorrow. He still has his cold and a bleedy  nose, but he's being pretty chill. As long as he has Frog and Blue Music, he is fine. Luckily, Frog was in our carry-on - he was born in China so he seemed happy to be back.

We met Dr.Geeta just a bit ago. Very nice, and she told me she can tell Cash is smart, we just have to work on the physical stuff!! Of course, that is what I believe :-) She ordered tests and PT, OT, etc. She and everyone are being very kind.

And so we begin!


  1. It was great talking to you this morning! For anyone who wants a second opinion, I saw them through Skype this morning and all look happy and safe and healthy (except for the little cold.)

    Twilight THREE times in a row???

  2. Loved your update - good to hear you are settling in. I look forward to hearing about Cash's treatments, as well as stories about you settling into a new area. Describe the street that you are on - pretty urban? highrises? or sacred cows standing under bodhi trees? What do you eat for breakfast there? Instead of a cool local coffee shop, are you hanging at the chai shop?