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Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the presence of greatness?

Doctor Geeta Schroff has patented her method of working with stem cells. She has been conducting treatments since 2002 on over 850 patients to date. She has traveled the world promoting the treatment and wants to see it universally available for many terminal illnesses. Still she is a controversial figure because the treatments have not undergone clinical trials and her research has not been verified.

Stem cells are produced naturally in every ones body. We have more of them when we are young and produce fewer as we age. Dr. Schroff even claims that one of the first things a patient may notice is looking younger. The idea is that like a magic bullet these cells go wherever they are needed in the body and begin to rebuild and repair.

IF this process works as claimed, Dr. Schroff and others like her will revolutionize the medical field as we know it. We may well be in the company of another doctor Jonas Salk or Alexander Flemming. For Cash's sake, I certainly hope so.

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