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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tammy loves Cash

This is Tammy Sells posting. I am Cash's aunt. Josh's sister. I have been here since the 10th and it has been an incredible experience.

When I got here Cash was getting over being sick, so there was a lot of time spent hanging out on the bed reading books and listening to his radio, frog, violet the dog and new fridge magnet(noise maker) that I brought him for Christmas. Some of you may already know but Cash likes to play all of them at the same time. To those of us around it can be a bit much and unable for our simple ears to be tell the difference from one to the other. He knows exactly which one is playing and what song. This is evident because he will change each one to songs that he likes or restart a song that he hears come on. I believe his favorite is his radio but that seems to vary every once in awhile.

After he got to feeling better it is pretty hard to keep him still. He is walking up a storm. At first he was it was better with someone holding both arms. Now today he wants you to let go of one arm and let him balance and walk. I was way impressed but not good at it and accidentally let him bonk the wall. He was a little angry at me but rallied to go see his neighbor Tyler.

The day before yesterday he had a treatment and had to lay flat for four hours. He was so good and did not fuss at all. We read, played, talked, and mostly listened to all of his musical toys. If anyone is ever confused about what to get Cash for his birthday, it should always be any toy that makes music. Stuffed animals, or even hard sided toys.

I can't remember which day it was but Hailey his cousin called one day and on that day Cash was very talkative. He signed every word I knew that he had. I have since been told he knows much more but that was the most I had seen him communicate. He is getting to be quite the talker.

This morning it seemed that Cash had the brightest eyes I have ever seen. Smiley and just flirting to flirt. I do think he is homesick. I saw him cry when he was tired and had talked to someone from home before bed. He might really miss it here because he has so many people loving on him. The girls downstairs give him cookies. Someone at the front desk gives him candy. Every patient, it seems, asks him to come say goodnight before bed. This is something Cash is more than crazy to do. It was way more fun for him with his walker but he still wants to go even thought he has to walk or be carried now.

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  1. Thanks, Tammy and Josh,
    We read your posts with great interest, it is truly a fascinating journey for all Cash's visitors and family members.