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Monday, February 7, 2011


Tim and Vicki are leaving today. They are returning to their home in Seattle. Vicki has MS and has come here for treatments four times over the last couple of years. Because MS is a progressive disease, it is hard for them to know if or to what extent the stem cells have helped. They feel like it has been worth it but are not sure if they will continue.

Other patients include Zohere ('Joe') from Lebanon who is being treated for macular degeneration. Natpa from Iceland has a T-7 spinal injury. Rob from California has ALS and Dr. Berlin, Indian, suffers from Parkinson's. It is worth noting that Dr. Berlin was a noted physician and two of his three sons are presently neurologists. 15-year old Tyler Olson is from Iowa and broke his neck playing high school football. He has only been here a couple of weeks but says he is already experiencing some new sensations in his hands and feet.

Dr. Schroff claims that her ultimate goal is to make stem cells globally available as a first-line response to all major illness and injury. If there is any question about the extent of Dr. Schroff's own convictions, the woman shown standing in the photo is her mother as well as a patient. Immediately after a severe stroke she was brought to the clinic and given stem cell treatments. She has made a near full recovery.

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