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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My sweet little kid

Cash has been home for two days. It is so nice to have his little presence in the house.

Unfortunately, he is sick. It doesn't seem to be respiratory - he's breathing fine - but he's very lethargic and has no appetite. Some of it is probably jet lag, but it seems to be more than that, especially since he had a little fever today. I plan to take him to the doctor tomorrow.

Due to the illness, it's difficult for me to make any judgments about the results of the stem cell therapy, but I have a few initial observations. His eye contact seems significantly better, he has some new or improved signs (cookie, radio, C, high five), he seems more responsive to language spoken to him, he played a little ball with me which he has never done before, he helped more with getting dressed, and he seems to stand a little stronger. On the other hand, his walking is definitely worse - not only not better, but worse. I think that is attributable to the problems with his braces in India and inconsistent therapy. I am hopeful that his therapists here will get his walk back soon.

Regarding the brain scans, I think they are remarkable. However, we aren't sure exactly what the brain scans mean, because it's not like they exactly line up with his behavior. Here's what I think and hope: I hope it means that now his brain is functioning better and we'll start seeing faster progress. It does not mean he's suddenly going to look like every other five year old - it's taken all those kids five years to get there with their normally functioning brains and bodies. Even with the best outcome, Cash still has to go through all the steps and stages everyone else does. But maybe now, we'll start seeing a little more progress, a little faster progress. - Of course, he has to get healthy again first.

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