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Thursday, June 23, 2011


This morning Cash looked in the mirror and pointed to his nose. It was very cute. He also signed "sleepy" this weekend, but I can't get him to repeat it.

We had dinner with Ariana last night. Cash started out shy, but by the end he was giving her flirty smiles. He is spending a couple nights with Gran and Pop this weekend while I go to Vail to see Ali and Keri (my best friends from when I was 12). G and P had better watch out because Cash is a terror these days - zooming around, into everything, demanding attention.

Ariana told me something that creeped me out. She mentioned someone who reportedly said she doesn't hang out with me because she "thinks it would be sad for Stephanie to hang out with normal kids". Yikes. That just feels gross to me. While I certainly sometimes struggle with being sad about Cash, hanging out with my friends makes me happy. The comment freaked me out because I wonder if other people think the same thing, and really I don't think it is about me, I think it is about their own comfort level. Cash and I are not pitiful. If seeing him makes you uncomfortable or feel sorry for us, then that's really about you, not us. Everyone has challenges - ours is maybe particularly sad, or maybe not. Is it really sadder than people who face degenerative illness, people who lose a spouse or a child, people who can't find a job? We're actually fine and mostly happy. Just like everyone else.

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