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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The cuteness is strong within him

Cash was unreasonably cute this morning. He's lucky I haven't eaten him.

It's difficult to enumerate all his changes lately - many of them are subtle. And if you saw him, you'd still recognize that he has obvious problems. But if you spend much time with him, the improvements since India are impressive. Not just the walking and signing, but also the interaction with people, this feeling of him coming into himself. He is often spunky and mischevious, often whiny and willful. He is usually responsive when you talk to him, and sometimes you can catch him eavesdropping - you'll be talking about driving and he'll be sitting over there signing "car". The autism is in some ways more apparent now than before, because ... it's hard to explain. But it's like you know he can do something, but he won't. Or how he now consistently waves hi and goodbye, but he doesn't like to make eye contact when he does. On the other hand, he wants more attention now than he used to and he often wants you to participate in his play.

He's just a weird, wonderful little mystery.

Tomorrow is preschool graduation day.

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