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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't go, Mommy

Usually Aunt Dianne or Mom drops Cash off at PT, and by all accounts he approaches those appointments with equanimity. Right now, though, I am dropping him off, and this morning he started to cry before we even got out of the car. Once we got in, he was wailing and signing Mommy. This is not new per se - last summer he got upset whenever I dropped him off and he went through a crying phase at school two years ago - but it is still interesting. I remember when Cash was little and other mothers would talk about the difficulty of leaving their kids at daycare, and I semi-enjoyed, semi-regretted that Cash was always so calm. But that's over. And the crying is definitely a show for me - he doesn't do it with AD or Mom, and he stops as soon as I leave. It's hard to leave because I want to reward him for showing his feelings (and because it is darling having him sign Mommy), but I also don't want to reward acting out.

His walking has progressed to a new stage. He really PREFERS to walk. Now he tends to scoot or hop only to get to somewhere to stand up or because he is tired.

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