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Monday, June 18, 2012


I can't wait until THAT KID comes home!! I miss him a ton. He flies into Atlanta on Saturday...and then we are staying in Atlanta! Because, yes - we are moving there. I am spending this week packing all of our stuff. Alot of our things are still in boxes from our last move here to Greenville in September, but there is still plenty to do. It is a little crazy. We will drive out of Greenville on Saturday, pick up Cash from his dad, and start living in Atlanta.

The ATL!  

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  1. Hey Stephanie.

    I just saw the "documentary" about your son and the stemm cell therapy in India (which is an amazing idea and it would work, but we are not yet able to use it right) and I had to think of an other method, which will cost only a few bucks for the book or time for watching videos and reading forum entries. It is called the russian method by Arcady Petrov and Grigori Grabovoi. Just google the internet for this, you'll find enough information.

    I am about to try it out for my issues. It worked with me (though I have other issues than your son).

    But whatever you are told, nothing is insolveable. As long as he is alive, he is able to change everything.
    Don't listen to ANYone who tries to tell you it is not possible or he will not be healed or there is no cure. Don't believe this stupid talk, especially not from doctors!!! Please, don't believe them. They only know their own 'solutions' and everything beyond this does not work or exist for them. They are narrow minded.

    You, Cash and Josh will make it. Simply believe in it. Imagine how Cash should be and he will be and NEVER doubt. This ruins everything.

    We humans are not able to really imagine the power of thoughts.

    Long story short. You will succed! I know this. ... and deep inside you know this too ;-)

    Aloha from Vienna.