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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not going to the leper's colony on Molokai after all

Boy, am I delinquent in doing an update. The truth is that there is quite a bit going on with me, but Cash is pretty stable. He came home from Aspen sick as a dog with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, but he looks good now. For the first few days, he kept getting worse and worse - it started with a few open sores when he got off the airplane, and then progressed to open sores all around his mouth and bumps all over his hands and legs. It was scary-looking. After a couple days, we took him to a urgent care doctor who said the H,F, and M virus would run its course, but in the meantime, he had gotten a secondary bacterial infection. The doctor prescribed an ointment, which in the miracle way of ointments, started clearing things up within 6 hours.

Otherwise, Cash is spunky and sparky. He needs a haircut, and his two front teeth are growing in. The other day he and I were watching two little boys play near us and he smiled and signed "friends". He seems happy and engaged.

We are in Nashville this weekend....

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