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Friday, June 8, 2012

Warning, poo ahead

Last night I suddenly missed Cash intensely. I missed his warm little sleeping body and his fuzzy head and his sweet face.

Per his dad in Aspen, Cash is apparently not feeling very well. He has a low grade fever with a stuffy nose and low appetite. Plus he was constipated for the first 5 days he was there. POO ALERT: don't read any further if discussions of poo bother you. Like many special needs kids, including those with low tone and/or autism, Cash has some pottying issues. He is frequently (very frequently) constipated and he often holds it until he can't hold it any more and it all comes whooshing out. The situation has gotten better recently - he usually goes every few days on his own, without laxative. But we still have to use the Miralax occasionally, and sometimes like every kid it goes the other way and we have to get out the Imodium. Sometimes we have to change 8 diapers in one day, sometimes none, other times one scary huge one. You can see why I have been so motivated to get him potty trained! But I don't think he is quite ready for that. In the meantime, we continue to ensure he eats a healthy, balanced diet, and we keep an eye on whether he needs a little extra help.

And so in the meanwhile, it sounds like Cash's dad and his girlfriend had a poo-filled day yesterday after the 5 days of constipation. Eek.

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  1. yikes you guys are amazing parents.