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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waiting and sleeping

I use this space to concentrate on Cash, but a quick note to my future self about the rest of my life right now: everything is just SO unsettled. It is a time of crazy transition - of change, change, and more change. I knew about 2 years ago that we were entering a period of change, and I knew it would last awhile. But knowing something and living it can be very different experiences. Mostly I think I have rolled with all the changes (including the divorce, the trips to India for stem cell treatments and Cash's results, moving across the country, going back to school, and now moving again and getting a new job), but occasionally it has been overwhelming. Right now, we are in a lull, but it is a weird lull - nothing is happening at the moment, but everything is about to happen. Today, I woke up feeling guilty about sleeping in - and then I remembered that there was no sleeping in two weeks ago and there won't be any again in another two weeks. So I went back to sleep some more.

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