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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Ohhhhhh, it was a hard custody transfer.

We had to wake up at 3am to drive to Atlanta on Saturday morning, then fly 3 hours to Denver. Cash stayed awake the whole flight - thank goodness for the iPad - and then we got a little wheelchair assistance to the exit. Then while I was on the phone telling Josh where we were, Cash decided to climb off the bench by himself and fell on his chinny-chin-chin. So when Josh walks up - with his new girlfriend, who he had NOT TOLD ME WAS COMING - Cash is whimpering and bleeding. It was really a lovely moment. Cash was fine - he immediately asked his father to drive and said bye to me. I tried to handle the situation with grace despite feeling smacked and blindsided and rushed. The girlfriend seems nice, and I am actually glad to have met the person who will be spending so much time with my kiddo. But a little notice would have been appreciated.

I decided to write about that very difficult moment here on the blog because it's actually a significant part of being Cash's mom. Being Cash's mom means I will always have to co-parent with his dad. I don't know how much Cash's disabilities contributed to the end of our marriage - my gut says it was a factor, but not the biggest one - but I do know we both love Cash very much, and so we struggle on, trying to be good parents to our favorite little kid.

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