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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The sweetest face

Just got to talk to Cash on Skype. He looks PERFECT. So beautiful, so clever, so grown-up. He was very attentive to me - he smiled when he saw me and signed "love" and "mommy" when I asked him to. I sang to him and I took the computer around to all his favorite toys so he could say hi and I bounced on the bed just like he does himself. He looked so beautiful...

We are halfway through his 3 weeks with Josh. Mom and I went to Charleston last weekend, just for something to do, which was lovely. It was especially lovely to visit without Cash - he doesn't enjoy sightseeing, he is still too little to walk long distances, and I don't like sticking him in the stroller for long periods. So the trip was a good thing to do without him; however, it is only something to do to keep me occupied until he comes back. It is weird having him gone - in some ways, it is awesome - I sleep until 10:00, I read, I exercise - but mostly it is awful - he is the whole point of my life. All of my much cherished free moments are only precious because of the time spent with him. When all my time is free, like it is right now, I miss the form and meaning he gives to my life. I am so grateful for his existence and the meaning he gives to my existence.

That really sounds cheesy. And believe me, there are evenings when Cash is home, when I am running around like a maniac trying to get things done, that I would love an hour to myself. But I am self aware enough to know that I prefer stealing an hour here and there from my time with Cash to endless hours without him. 

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