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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 hippos at the door bring along another 4

Every evening Cash and I read a few of his books. He likes it and will occasionally request that I read to him or even go look at his books himself. Our current favorites include Baby Beluga, Your Personal Penguin, Who's Hiding in the Garden, and Max and Ruby. Hippos Go Berserk (1 hippo all alone calls 2 hippos on the phone...which then leads to an all night hippo throwdown) was a longtime favorite but apparently some child in China is now reading it since it was in the lost luggage. Last night we snuggled up to read Mother Goose, then Cash turned over and went right to sleep.

Two new signs recently: bear and sandwich.

The walking is going great, but the recklessness is taking a toll on Cash's face. He sustained a cut above his eye while at Gran and Pop's last weekend and a cut on his chin at school yesterday. He is walking more and better all the time, but sheesh, the falls are tough. And of course school photo day is Thursday, so all his injuries will be memorialized.

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