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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hailey and Cash:

I took Hailey driving yesterday - by that I mean, I let Hailey, who has just gotten her permit, drive my car. She did a very good job, we only almost died a few times. She and I are working on a recipe for cream cheese ice cream that we think is going to win us a cooking contest. One amusing thing: Cash has many many toys that make noise, especially ones that play music (I was opposed to these types of toys but then I had a child who adores them). Sometimes he gets more than one going at once, so we'll have the piano in the background, plus his MP3 player going in the corner, plus Cash banging on his drum. I'm semi-used to it, though I frequently walk around turning things off, but it can drive other people crazy. Hailey doesn't seem to mind that particularly, but she has developed a quick and deep dislike of his kitty piano - a very annoying instrument that plays songs about cats. It is extra annoying because Cash can mess with the tempo as well as the volume, which means that sometimes all the songs sound like dirges and sometimes all the songs sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Here is Hailey directing a fierce look at kitty piano. Later I caught her hiding it.

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