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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This weekend Cash and I were sitting around playing, and I pretended to make his stuffed Corduroy bear play Cash's musical drum. Cash laughed. A bit later he came over and picked up Corduroy's paw himself and hit it on the drum. More pretend play!

He does really like the drum (a lovely gift from his Aunt Melissa and family). He also loves his blue MP3 player (his "radio"), which was originally a gift from my dad's girlfriend Dot. We're actually on the 2nd version of the radio because he is so attached to it, and we need a new one - this one has literally gone all the way around the world, and shows it. Other current favorite toys: his frogs, his Fridge DJ, Scout the singing green dog, his computer, and both his pianos (the kitty one and the full size synthesizer).

I also gave Cash a haircut this weekend. It's pretty easy with the clippers, but he hates it. Luckily he forgave me for doing it.

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