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Friday, April 8, 2011

Met that goal, on to the next

The IEP meeting yesterday went well. A zillion people were there (well, like 12), and we met for 2 hours to discuss Cash's school progress. Overall, it was very positive, and a few people noted that they have really seen improvements since he got back from India. We did talk a lot about areas that he needs to work on, but of course that is the function of the meeting, and I'm wondering if it is also because people are raising their expectations for him. I hope so. Cash is still a slow little guy, and definitely different, but I think the stem cells have helped expand his horizon. We set many new goals for him and I know his whole team will work to help him achieve them.

I love Cash's school and all the people who work with him. I think they are an amazingly knowledgeable and caring bunch, and I am so glad that they (and people like them) choose to work with the special needs population. We should all be happy that this vulnerable segment of our society has advocates - and that they bring love and skill to their work.

In other news, last night Ariana held a party to celebrate the filming of a TV show at her house. It was very amusing, with fake dancing for the cameras and general revelry. I love to see Ariana all grown up (she's 23), and I am so proud of her. She is just a fabulous little person - smart, caring, beautiful, strong. I've struggled sometimes, especially when she was a teenager, because I love her and I want to take care of her, but she has parents and I didn't really have a role after she went to boarding school. I tried to just always let her know that I cared, and now she's kind enough to tell me that my love matters to her. So I take a lot of pleasure in her being the fantastic, interesting person she is.

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