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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend with Valerie and Chris. We went to the state fair on Saturday - I think Cash liked the rabbits best. We did not take a stroller, so he walked alot but we had to carry him quite a bit too. We are in an awkward stage with walking. I like him to do it himself so that he gets stronger, but he cannot go too far without tiring or getting bored. I'm over having him ride in a stroller - I think he is too old - but I acknowledge that sometimes one would be helpful.

I also went out in Nashville on Saturday night with Val and Chris. It was so much fun and it made me appreciate this town even more. The scene downtown is fabulous - so many people, so much great music. And then we went to the Titans-Patriots football game on Sunday. I went to the dark side and rooted for the Pats with Chris.

And now Aunt Dianne arrives tomorrow! There is more fun to be had. Opryland, I think!

Cash has a little cold. Runny nose and generally snarfly. He also has a little scratch on his face. It figures that I found out today that tomorrow is school picture day. Of course.

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