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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Cash had a good day. He is trucking around all the time, listening, complaining, playing, initiating contact, cuddling, messing with things, and generally being a kid. This evening he saw me putting on a shower cap and commented "hat". Then while I was in the shower, he flushed the potty 5 times in a row (I can only hope nothing went down while I wasn't looking). He is in a bit of a Mommy phase - he does the sign alot, and he wants to hang out near me. I enjoy it, of course - but probably even more than most moms. I remember a time that I didn't know if I would ever see him express love for me. I worried I would always have to just know that he loved me, but I would never really feel it. But that's not how it has turned out. For years, I have known he is attached to me, and these days I feel gratified by all the "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" signs and the way he seeks me out, makes eye contact, and snuggles. Tonight he fell asleep with his head on me as he often does, and last weekend he spontaneously gave me a kiss. I was still asleep and he leaned over and bonked me with his head (which is a Cash-style kiss). I love that he loves me. And I am grateful he expresses it.

Cash had a consultation with a specialist today about his leg braces. He had a short break from them this summer, but he will start wearing them a couple hours a day again starting tomorrow. He is not going to be happy about that.

Plus he is already banged up. He fell last weekend and skinned his knees (thank you Chris for the new band-aid glue stuff), and then fell at school on Tuesday and cut his chin. He is so adventurous and fearless, and of course we want to encourage him to try new things. But I hate it when he gets hurt. Every bit of him is precious to me, from his little toenail to his eyebrows.

I watched 7 hours of implant videos today. The procedures were happening live while we were conferenced in. Nice opportunity to learn while eating lunch and not having to wear lead.

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