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Monday, September 17, 2012

Prince and the pea

Cash is now sleeping in his own bed through the night. The secret turned out to be buying him an expensive bed of his own.

Cash slept alone when he was very little, but then got grumpy about the crib and wanted to be with Josh and me. We worked out a routine where he fell asleep with us, and then we moved him to his own bed - which at the time was a cute blue Ikea toddler number with a huge green leaf over it. Sometimes early in the morning, he would wake up and crawl back to us. This routine went on more or less for years, including after Josh left. When we moved to Greenville, he had his own bed, but it was in my room, and it was cheap and flimsy. He abandoned it about half way through our sojourn in Greenville and decided he was supposed to sleep with me. That continued this summer because we were traveling alot, so he really got used to sleeping with me. I figured it would be impossible to get him to go back to sleeping alone. Nope - I bought him a real bed, and voila - there he is all night. So far anyway...

He stayed home from school today. Sniffles. But the doctor said it is not pneumonia, whew.

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