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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More on being sick

So the upshot of the last week is that Cash has an ear infection. He had a cold all last week - it was aggravating but not scary. By Friday evening, though, he seemed a little off, so I took him to an after-hours clinic. The doctor declared him A-ok, but sent us home with a prescription for antibiotics in case we needed it over the weekend. By Sunday, I decided Cash needed the antibiotics, but the Rx couldn't be filled and a different doctor prescribed Albuterol, thinking it sounded like he had reactive airway instead of pneumonia. That seemed to help for a day, and his usual pediatrician looked at him on Monday and confirmed that there was no pneumonia. On Tuesday, he suddenly spiked a high fever and was super listless. Back to the doctor, who diagnosed an ear infection. 36 hours later, Cash finally looks much better.

I think that is all kind of boring, except maybe it provides an insight into why it is stressful for me when Cash is sick. It is a constant game of watching and waiting to see if the little cold turns into something more serious. There is no point in taking him to the doctor too early, because they send him home with the usual line about "it's just a virus", but yet you don't want to miss the moment when the little cold takes a bad turn. It is exhausting.

Plus his illnesses always take me back to when he was little and he would get sooooo sick and it would be very frightening. In fact, just today I was remembering the time that Josh, Cash, and I were crowded onto a hospital bed at 3am in the ER waiting for the doctor.

Anyhoo, he is getting better now. Poor AD was stuck with a sick Cash for her whole vacation.

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